Thursday, 4 March 2010

flesh tones

This is definitely already inspiring my thoughts for my current project, it's by Lucy and Bart. Check them out on it's all about blogspot at the mo. Anyway, Joanie and I have been talking about restriction of movement of the body in a form of conceptual costume.. interesting stuff, and I just got back from Eva Hesse's Studio works exhibition, so I'm all in the 'let's go all organic' vibe.. Also i'm seeing a theme, I saw tights in a group exhibition from MA Wimbledon students at The Nunnery on Bow road (Another exhibition I have literally just got back from, part of Time Out First Thursdays where galleries in east london open later on the first thursday of every month.. nice chilled atmosphere, and the wine helps).

Yeah so in this piece called Coffee Rains, the artist Dari Bae hung nude colour tights from hangers on string from the ceiling. Coffee had been stuffed into the tights, so it weighed down the legs, some further than others, and there was a very strong coffee smell as you could imagine. I felt like coffee may fall on my head, but like the mounds fallen onto the floor, and the effect of the stained and ripped tights.

So do I copy these people and go with tights? Of course not, what would be the fun in that! I take the idea of tights and extend it further... so like femininity, idea of concealing something, tightness, being trapped, etc. The trapped one is interesting because in the Book of Sand, the character finds himself trapped phycologically by the presence of the surreal and living book, which does not have a beginning nor an end. So Joanie and I took this idea back to the costume and the body, and thought of creating something that would restrict movement. Being trapped in it. Physcologically or physically? Only time can tell...

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