Wednesday, 24 March 2010

AnOther magazine

AnOther's own performance of actress Marion Cotillard.

Am in their office right now doing research and thought I'd post here. I'm learning alot about Macs and obviously the magazine environment and it's very inspiring, I've actually had an email back from another magazine I had contacted, Next Level about a possible internship.

I can see myself doing this again next year but am also interested in going to Berlin or somewhere, especially to see a city's Biennale or Triennial.

Meeting Joanie tomorrow and we're going to watch A Clockwork Orange (I know) and Pan's Labyrinth for our project, and start being productive!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

bodily forms

I was at the National Theatre Costume Store today and check out this outfit! I was playing with bulbous forms attatched to the body and also a cage giving it a hard edge. I wore a tight corset underneath too, it hurt a bit.. So here is the photo of the day.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Looking forward to my internship with AnOther magazine this week. Also really enjoyed the Dazed & Confused party I went to on Thursday, especially when I wasn't on the guest list, mwhuahauaha...

Really tired from my trip to Bristol, was good to see old friends and party inside in the warm. Then again it is getting a bit warmer here in England.. which I like :)

Saw a new member come to CU as she had seen the posters woop. We had our last one on Thursday for the Easter holidays. At the moment though I need to organise a date for the God Vs Science talk that will probably happen in May.

Need to do more work on my proposal, see you later.x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

flesh tones

This is definitely already inspiring my thoughts for my current project, it's by Lucy and Bart. Check them out on it's all about blogspot at the mo. Anyway, Joanie and I have been talking about restriction of movement of the body in a form of conceptual costume.. interesting stuff, and I just got back from Eva Hesse's Studio works exhibition, so I'm all in the 'let's go all organic' vibe.. Also i'm seeing a theme, I saw tights in a group exhibition from MA Wimbledon students at The Nunnery on Bow road (Another exhibition I have literally just got back from, part of Time Out First Thursdays where galleries in east london open later on the first thursday of every month.. nice chilled atmosphere, and the wine helps).

Yeah so in this piece called Coffee Rains, the artist Dari Bae hung nude colour tights from hangers on string from the ceiling. Coffee had been stuffed into the tights, so it weighed down the legs, some further than others, and there was a very strong coffee smell as you could imagine. I felt like coffee may fall on my head, but like the mounds fallen onto the floor, and the effect of the stained and ripped tights.

So do I copy these people and go with tights? Of course not, what would be the fun in that! I take the idea of tights and extend it further... so like femininity, idea of concealing something, tightness, being trapped, etc. The trapped one is interesting because in the Book of Sand, the character finds himself trapped phycologically by the presence of the surreal and living book, which does not have a beginning nor an end. So Joanie and I took this idea back to the costume and the body, and thought of creating something that would restrict movement. Being trapped in it. Physcologically or physically? Only time can tell...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Yay yay Chris Coldfield a staff work for UCCF can do the talk on God Vs Science! He just needs to know dates and times which we need to organise, hurrah hurrah. So excited about this, have never organised an event before but I know I'm not on my own.

It was such a nice sunny day today! I walked from Hackney to Angel via Regents Canal, both beautiful and not so beautiful scenery, ha. Really inspiring though, took some photos on my automatic film camera. And I was reading 'Jesus in College' a book Beth leant to me, about a girl who starts up a CU in her college (sounds familiar...) and organising evangelistic events and the ups and downs that go with it. Encouraging story, I am especially encouraged by the event that will happen at University of the Arts London!

Will keep you posted guys.

Helen x

Monday, 1 March 2010

Sooo inspired after CU training weekend. I want to organise with my fellow CU commitee members a talk called GOD VS SCIENCE. Wow.

A UCCF staff worker did this for a London university a couple of months ago and was a good turn out, I'm not susprised. This is huge stuff. And I believe it can challenge and get the attention from students of University of the Arts London. Yeah so this is something I can see us planning for next term!

Starting my new project (MY LAST PROJECT...) now and I am collaborating with Joanie in my class, really looking forward to working with her, she has a particular interest in costume and styling. Our starting point is Book of Sand by Jorge Luis Borges, which is about an infinite ending book, amongst other themes. So we are again at the process of reading the text and withdrawing from it themes and ideas for the project. The project proposal we have to write ourselves, and identify what we want to for the project and what we want to learn.

Also I will be having a one to one with a member of St Helens every week. A one to one is when a maturer christian meets with a younger christian and study the Bible together and discuss christian issues and debates.. Excited about this.

Hope you're all ok, take care. Helen x