Saturday, 30 January 2010

As a devoted fan had noticed I hadn't posted for a while haha, I thought I should write here now. Thanks Martyn!

Well lots has happened to me in the past few weeks.. I am happy to be at home this weekend to see my mum back from hospital and well. She is now speaking very loudly in polish to her sister who she hasn't spoken to for ages.. I wouldn't have it any other way :)

My progress tutorial went well last week with my tutor who has given me loads to do, I was complaining to friends that I wasn't achieving much for my portfolio, but now I have loads to do. I'm looking forward to the next project which is based on the play The Tin Can People by Edward Bond, it's a dystopian setting based on death, quite depressing, but an interesting start anyway. I can either create a performance installation or live performance piece, a film or photographic narrative. I'll keep you posted on this. I must. It all sounds so exciting.

Have put up posters for the Christian Union around the CSM campuses and we officially start this Thursday, Luci will join us and we will study the gospel of John. I have a bible study book to organise the meetings around which is sooo helpful, Luci gave it to me.

I have not yet sent UCAS off but I'm thinking of applying to Performance Design & Practice, Photography, Fashion Communication, Fashion Photography and Fine Art. We'll see what is God's plan for me, I have peace within this situation because of Him.

I mentioned in the post earlier that I would upload the performance I created over christmas, well even better I'm giving you a still, haha. I may give more later. The stills look cooler than the film because they give less of the picture and leaves more to the imagination, I think anyway.

Anyway time to get on with work, God bless, oh and do tell me if you want more posts when (i should say if) I slack again. Hehe, thanks. x