Thursday, 25 February 2010

Installation view of Tin Can People
Comments are welcome by the way

I saw his face! (Johnny Depp) We heard screaming and then his face at the back of the car, he had his window down, aww! Horrible weather didn't make us stay long though. Really want to see Alice In Wonderland now, in 3D tooooo.

Also visited William Eggleston's exhibition at Victoria Miro as it ends in a couple of days. Mundane but turned interesting stuff. Brilliant documentary photographer.

The FCP (Fashion Communication and Promotion) interview went soo quick today. The tutor asked who my favourite fashion photographer was, I said Corinne Day because of her personal, grungy photographs, such as the photo of her friend dyeing her hair. He also asked about Performance Design and Practice and I mentioned about my current installation, that we will be critting on monday. Will be cool to see everyone's work because we haven't done alot of that recently, and the idea of this foundation year is to bounce ideas off eachother, etc.. Can't say this is happening alot. For my final project I want to collaborate with Joanie who also tried to get onto the FCP course and failed (it is REALLY competitive though), so both of us our interested in fashion and could make interesting work together.

Anyhow, must prepare for my weekend away, chao for now.
Will let you know how it goes too man.

Take care. x
Ok so no Fashion Communication & Promotion degree for me...
Never mind, might take a gap year.. Alice in Wonderland premier tonight :) x
I'm having such a good conversation with this girl called Sam, she's going to come to CU next week.. hurrah.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

There is a couple days left of this exhibition, worth going if you enjoy photography with a good sense of humour. KK Outlet is in the nice area in the East End, at Hoxton Square.
Fashion Communication and Promotion interview tomorrow at Central Saint Martins.
Does sound like a degree that would really interest me and keep me focused...
And our christian union are going to see the Alice in Wonderland premier tomorrow at Liecster Square, really excited!

ALSO I am going on a weekend away in Otford this coming friday for UCCF's training scheme for Christian Union leaders which will be teaching that will help me for life. It's really convinient too because I can pop home then my father can drive me there woop. Lois, Catherine and Tessa are going too so I will know them, thankfully. But that sort of thing doesn't really bother me, weekend/weeks away are made to get to know new people in a comfortable surrounding.

Pretty happy with my portfolio, didn't get to print the image from my previous post on tracing paper, that would have looked so good...

Also gutted that I'm not going to see Hot Chip at Brixton this friday (oh, i wouldn't have been able to... Omy gosh so God's plan pieced together there! And I'm not going to work on sunday because a friend is covering my shift hehe). But I did see Chew Lips and New Young Pony Club on monday night as part of the NME awards, I have to say Chew Lips were exceptionally good as a support band, I am slightly biased because I know more of their songs but still. You should check them out if you like experimental dance beats intwined with indie style melodies.
I'll leave you with a photo by me, as always. God bless. x

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Hey guys been really busy with organising my portfolio for interviews and stuff. This poster I created for the Tin Can People project, overlaying two images on Photoshop.

Went to Broadway market this morning, it is amazing! There are food stalls and a vintage clothes stall and I got the best coat ever, I love it, I got it cheap too :) Wanna go to the Camden Crawl too, fun fun fun..

Also, I may be getting an internship with underground fashion/photography AnOther magazine for a bit in easter holidays, so that's cool!! yah wanna do it.. :)

I'm watching Take Me Out, the modern day dating game show, at home, so apologies if this blog is a bit all over the place! tata for now.. Helen x

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Christian Union went well :) was good to see Aram, Lizzy, Natalia, Beth and Luci who turned up. I'm in that phase currently where I am thinking of what to do with my life. I've been looking at visual merchandising vacancies and at art festivals.. hmm...

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The time-based work of Paul McCarthy consists of food used as bodily fluids and in grotesque ways. Despite this, it had influenced my painting of tin cans for my current project. I will have my friends eat from them in messy ways with spoons and their hands, to represent greed of human beings. They will read from the script I mentioned in my earlier post and it will be about two people singling out another. I will film the two people who want to get rid of the third person, then film the third person seperately so it represents lonliness.

I'm very busy at this moment with the workload, and I have portfolio reviews and interviews for degrees coming up.. eeek. We'll see what happens.

God bless, Helen.x