Thursday, 25 February 2010

I saw his face! (Johnny Depp) We heard screaming and then his face at the back of the car, he had his window down, aww! Horrible weather didn't make us stay long though. Really want to see Alice In Wonderland now, in 3D tooooo.

Also visited William Eggleston's exhibition at Victoria Miro as it ends in a couple of days. Mundane but turned interesting stuff. Brilliant documentary photographer.

The FCP (Fashion Communication and Promotion) interview went soo quick today. The tutor asked who my favourite fashion photographer was, I said Corinne Day because of her personal, grungy photographs, such as the photo of her friend dyeing her hair. He also asked about Performance Design and Practice and I mentioned about my current installation, that we will be critting on monday. Will be cool to see everyone's work because we haven't done alot of that recently, and the idea of this foundation year is to bounce ideas off eachother, etc.. Can't say this is happening alot. For my final project I want to collaborate with Joanie who also tried to get onto the FCP course and failed (it is REALLY competitive though), so both of us our interested in fashion and could make interesting work together.

Anyhow, must prepare for my weekend away, chao for now.
Will let you know how it goes too man.

Take care. x

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