Monday, 1 March 2010

Sooo inspired after CU training weekend. I want to organise with my fellow CU commitee members a talk called GOD VS SCIENCE. Wow.

A UCCF staff worker did this for a London university a couple of months ago and was a good turn out, I'm not susprised. This is huge stuff. And I believe it can challenge and get the attention from students of University of the Arts London. Yeah so this is something I can see us planning for next term!

Starting my new project (MY LAST PROJECT...) now and I am collaborating with Joanie in my class, really looking forward to working with her, she has a particular interest in costume and styling. Our starting point is Book of Sand by Jorge Luis Borges, which is about an infinite ending book, amongst other themes. So we are again at the process of reading the text and withdrawing from it themes and ideas for the project. The project proposal we have to write ourselves, and identify what we want to for the project and what we want to learn.

Also I will be having a one to one with a member of St Helens every week. A one to one is when a maturer christian meets with a younger christian and study the Bible together and discuss christian issues and debates.. Excited about this.

Hope you're all ok, take care. Helen x

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