Thursday, 26 November 2009

Update is that a few people from the Central Saint Martins christian union are meeting up tomorrow to organise the start of the meetings. It's great because I have met a few unexpected christians from my course - you know when you see them at church when you had actually met them at school or at work etc, it's cool. So God is really working there and I pray that we get a good number tomorrow and that we advertise the CU well to reach out to others at CSM.

On the course front, I got accepted onto the Fine Art Performance pathway :) Although I actually went into the assessment saying I wanted to do Graphics Photography, but Marie (the lead tutor for performance) felt I had the fine art approach and that I would love performance, so I thought it through in that session and changed my first choice to performance! I really like Marie and it is great that she was excited about my work (pictured is a still from my mapping video of my dad watching tv, which Marie was particularly fond of), I am looking forward to getting to know her better. For monday I have to see the Linbury Prize for stage design at the National Theatre and write notes on what I think, which is exciting. Speak soon x

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