Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Whitstable, photos of Lara taken with my Diana f+ camera. A camera that gives unexpected results, as the viewfinder does not look through the lens. A selection of single exposure and double exposure. I had the 35mm film proccessed only and scanned the images onto my computer, and this works out a lot cheaper than getting the images printed at the lab.
Since finishing my foundation course I have a lot of spare time in my hands and have experimented a little with photography. I have two underwater film cameras to use on my holiday this week and have 120 film loaded in my Diana camera for the summer. I have recently been accepted by the members of Pembury Baptist Church as the role of youth ministry intern, which I am rather excited about using my different skills to help the young people grow in thier faith. So I now have five weeks of holidays and festivals to enjoy... and you can see my photos later on!


  1. HEEEELEN. Are you following my new blog? xxx

  2. Hoping you have a great time and looking forward to working with you on your return ... it'll be fun and challenging and .. well, just great! Jennifer