Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I must say, I was listening to Tim Hughes when I named this blog. It's great though because it links creativity with faith. Which I am hoping this blog will be about.

So before I start, I will put myself in context. I am studying a Foundation Degree in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins in London. My name is Helen Williams, I'm a young adult and I am a christian.

At the moment on the course I have specialised in graphic communication and fine art. I am currently doing graphics and today we asked a partner questions about themselves to get information, and make a piece of work from this information. I sat with Liza, a girl from russia and she was telling me that she is friendly and kind, wants to learn new languages and meet different people bla bla. I didn't have enough time to ask her my good questions like are you secretive and what are you self-conscious about!! She did tell me that she spent alot of her childhood playing on her own, which I thought was interesting, so I used it.

We had to either make an objects, a set or a costume. I like creating sets so I chose that, but I also wanted to (stereotypically) dress her as a russian doll, so I would create a costume too. In the end I didn't have enough time to create the costume, but I went for the headress using coloured paper and card. I'll let you interpret my photograph...

In terms of degrees to apply for next year (if that is God's plan for me) Performance Design and Practice


sounds interesting the more I think about it. But so does Fine Art, I know I would enjoy Fine Art but it's well not very academic? I don't know... We'll see.

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